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Kroger: Rumor hurting morale

March 6, 2014


Rumors that the local Kroger retail outlet is prepping for closure have zipped about West Point. But are the rumors new, or are they rather simply rehashed?
According to Megan Habel, Kroger front end supervisor, rumors of a possible branch closure are nothing new.
“People keep coming in and asking if we’re closing ... “ Habel said. “We don’t know where they’re originating, they just started. ... There’s always a rumor, just like with every other business in town. There’s always rumors they’re going to shut down. ... There’s always been talk we’re going to shut down. It originated many, many years ago.”
Habel did not comment on whether there was validity to the rumor, citing concerns that her employ under Kroger would possibly be under fire.
However, Habel said that were the local business under the spotlight for closure, the district manager would make a trip to West Point to inform Kroger employees. Afterward, she added, the local business would make a public service announcement to inform the general public that closure was in the works.
Manager of Marketing and Public Affairs for the Kroger Delta Division Joel Bell confirmed the latter statement.
Kroger, Bell said, is a unionized operation. And with that, closure of a Kroger branch is no light matter.
“Based on our contract, our agreement is before we make any announcement, we’ll notify our union and the respective location 30 days ahead of time,” Bell said. “Until we notify them, you’re not going to get a whole lot of comments from too many folks.”
Bell declined to comment on the validity of the rumor, citing the aforementioned contractual obligation.

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