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Enjoy your life of adventure

February 21, 2013

I read a great quote by Maya Angelou recently, “Because of our routines, we forget that life is an ongoing adventure”. This made me think of one of the most used complaints of all (in a whiny voice), “but I don’t have enough time.........”
The truth is that we control where our time goes. Time is a gift that we so often take for granted. We get caught up in the “busyness of our routines” that we rarely stop to take a look at where we are spending (wasting) this precious gift.
Ladies and gentlemen, our time is finite . 168 hours a week, 52 weeks per year, assuming we don’t die first. Let’s learn a lesson from people who have had near death experiences: You are in charge of your life and your time is limited. When you truly realize this, your choices becomes much more important. You’ll care much more about what you say yes and no to.
When is the last time you considered where all your time went and how you feel about it? We get in routines, and well, “we’ve always done it that way”. Perhaps this is a good time analyze exactly how you are spending your precious time and if these activities add value to your life. Get out the paper and pencil and write down exactly how you are spending your time: caring for children, working, commuting, sleeping, the must do’s. How many hours are left for churching, shopping, cooking, cleaning, exercising, self-care, errands, fun, friends, family, volunteering, etc., etc., etc. When you think about it that way, who has time to even write this list????
Seeing all of that on paper allows you to decide what you absolutely, positively must say yes to at this point in your life. I”ve seen this called an “absolute yes list”. What are your top priorities that need your attention for the next six months? What is not adding value that you can let go of? What relationships need attention and nurturing? Is your financial situation or paying off dept a top priority right now? What about your health? Lose your health and figure out how important it is in the scheme of your busyness. This list will help you to remember your priorities, when life gets hectic and the phone starts ringing. By identifying what is an absolute yes, you’re also listing, by default, the things that are not a priority. Remember, time is finite. We can’t do it all. If it’s not a yes, then its probably a no- and that’s ok.
Learning to say no is a skill that gets easier with practice. As you learn to say no in love, you are protecting your gift of time. Some tips: 1. Remember how much you dislike it when someone tells you yes, only to back out at the last minute. Do not do it! 2. No need to over-explain or defend your no. You are learning to take care of yourself 3. Honor others need to say no.
And now enjoy your life of adventure!

On Judgement Day if God should say, “Did you clean your house today?” I will say, “I did not. I played with the children and I forgot.”

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