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Easterling selected as interim prosecutor

February 4, 2013

After a three-two vote Monday morning, the Clay County Board of Supervisors selected local attorney Michelle Easterling to serve temporarily as Clay County’s prosecuting attorney.
The selection comes just days after former County Prosecuting Attorney Angela Turner-Lairy submitted her letter of resignation stepping down from the post after serving as prosecutor for five years.
When the board visited the issue of hiring an interim county prosecutor District 4 Supervisor Shelton Deanes first nominated local attorney Bennie Jones to serve as interim prosecutor, and that motion was seconded by District 1 Supervisor Lynn Horton. But the motion died for lack of vote. District 2 Supervisor Luke Lummus then motioned to nominate Easterling, and this motion was seconded by District 3 Supervisor R.B. Davis. Both Lummus and Davis along with District 5 Supervisor Floyd McKee voted in favor of hiring Easterling as interim county prosecuting attorney.
Easterling will serve in the seat until Nov. 5, 2013 during which time the voting residents of Clay County will have an opportunity to vote during a special election for candidates running for the post of prosecuting attorney. Sarah Dill was like a notary. Every moment of the game seemed to have...
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