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Cole’s sequel, “Moon Underfoot” another thriller

January 23, 2013

West Point author, Bobby Cole was happy to share his latest novel, “Moon Underfoot” a sequel to “The Dummy Line,” at Wednesday’s Luncheon with Books.
This is Cole’s second offering at Luncheon with Books. He was guest speaker February 2009, when he talked about his first published novel, “The Dummy Line.” Cole has since written a book called “Rent a Mule” that should be available in the Fall.
“We tried to get the book published in New York City, at one of the large publishing houses but it just didn’t work,” said Cole ruefully. “They just didn’t get it. So we came back home to have it published. Writing the book was fun, trying to get book sellers to carry it was not so much fun.”
Amazon has picked up “The Dummy Line” under Amazon Encore for purchase in paperback or ebook form. After drawing more interest with Amazon Encore, the book was no. 2 in sales and downloads. It had been beaten out by a little novel by Suzanne Collins called “The Hunger Games.” After being thwarted of the no. 1 position, Cole was walking by his daughter’s room and saw that she was reading. He asked her what book it was, and sheepishly she showed him it was “The Hunger Games.” All the talk about the book had made her curious about reading it.
His publisher was then wanting a sequel to “The Dummy Line.” Cole was not a fan of sequels but the publisher wanted another Jake Crosby thriller that was sure to sell. That is where “Moon Underfoot” came from.
Cole was fond of the characters he had already created but the new novel would have two stories going on at the same time. Cole had spent a lot of time eating at The Point when it was located in the Henry Clay Retirement Center. The people he saw there every day, especially the residents who always sat at the round table, were always fun. He has woven the Henry Clay and its inhabitants into his novel for a bit of comic relief from the heavier problems encountered by Jake Crosby.
“The book is full of references to West Point. Its people, landmarks and businesses, along with the Golden Triangle area,” explained Cole. “My editor wanted to cut out some of the y’alls and other ways that people around here talk. I drew the line there because you lose who the characters are if you change their speech. We’re Southern and that just how we talk.”
Cole took a few minutes to read a short excerpt from “Moon Underfoot” where Jake Crosby has been taken to the swamp by notorious outlaw and drug-runner Ethan “Moon Pie” Daniels. He teases his audience with a tense scene and doesn’t allow it to play out. Reading the book is now something everyone in the room is ready to do as soon as possible.
After a short question and answer session, Cole signs both or either of his novels.

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