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Brinkley: A mad dash to nowhere

January 31, 2013

There is nothing that makes us get in a bigger hurry than when trouble gets on our trail. Trouble has a way of making us freak out. Trouble can even make us give up on life. That’s one of the reasons Satan uses trouble to break us down.
I’m trying to get you to see that trouble has a way of finding us but GOD has a way of redeeming us. Trouble has a way of trapping us but GOD has a way of the saving us. You can run but you can’t hide from trouble. It has your name. Trouble has your number.
Trouble has your email address. Trouble can find you on Facebook and in the phone book. As long as you live there is no escape from trouble. So running from trouble is a mad dash to nowhere. There is no need to run because trouble is everywhere.
But there is an alternative to running. How about facing your trouble? How about doing like Moses did? He said, “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.”
The children of the Israel had lost their focus so GOD ordained the prophet Elijah to speak for him to these wayward people. It was bad enough that the people were living in apostasy but the king, Ahab, was weak and wicked. He married a wicked woman by the name of Jezebel who encouraged him to lead the people even further away from the mercy and grace of GOD.
So Elijah steps up and confronts the evil king and queen. He told him that GOD was not pleased and he was going to shut up heaven. Once the drought hit GOD stashed Elijah away at the brook and commissioned some crows as servants.
Then when the brook dried up he sent him to meet a widow woman. This poor woman had been prepped by GOD to receive and sustain the prophet during the drought. Elijah, the widow and her son ate many months off of a handful of meal in a barrel and the little oil in a cruse.
Then Elijah told Ahab to bring all his prophets of Baal to Mt. Carmel where he proved that GOD was all powerful. The prophet issued a command to the people to destroy all the prophets of Baal. After all this was done you would think Elijah’s trouble would be over. What else could go wrong?
Ahab went home and reported to evil queen Jezebel what Elijah did. She was so mad that she immediately sent a messenger to Elijah to issue this warning: Let the gods do to me, and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time. This was a serious threat.
People have been making threats for years. But most people that threaten you really don’t have any power to do the stuff they say they’ll do. Stop listening to all the threats and start looking to the Lord. I have finally gotten to the point in my life when I just tell them to stop talking and bring it. The biggest issue we have with dealing with our problems is that we’re trying to fight a threat instead fighting a battle.
Stop jumping through so many hoops every time somebody says they’re about to do something to you. We spend so much energy fighting lip service that when the real fight starts we are too tuckered out to defend ourselves. So if they’re talking just let them talk. Most of them are just venting and that’s all they’re going to do. I think it’ll do us all a world of good to just wait for them to come at us with something a little more concrete than a threat.
Jezebel’s message really scared Elijah. So he decided to react to the fear and ran for his life. It was actually a mad dash to nowhere. That’s why this guy was in a mess. Where was he going to go? King Ahab and Jezebel’s rule extended to the entire county of Israel.
Here’s what Elijah did. He made a mad dash to Beersheba. This guy left the country. He ran all the way to the kingdom of Judah, the southern kingdom. As a matter of fact he ran to the southern end of the southern kingdom. He was trying to get as far away from Jezebel as he could. But he didn’t stop there.
He left his servant in Beersheba. I see here further evidence of a mess. Elijah was so shaken by the message that he didn’t know who he could trust. This servant had been traveling with him for a long time but now all of a sudden he has to travel alone.
I hope you know that trouble has a way of cultivating mistrust among people who have been companions for years. Friends are good to have when you have good friends. But when it gets to the point when you don’t know if you can trust your friends then that can be a mess.
Elijah thought it best to leave his servant in Beersheba but that wasn’t the end of his mad dash. He went another day’s journey alone into the wilderness to get even further away from his threat. He came and sat down under a Juniper tree. It was here that he realized that he had reached the end of his road. He asked GOD to take his life.
We all have bouts of depression every now and then. But if you ever get to the point of wishing you were dead then I need to let you know that you need some spiritual guidance. That is not of GOD. Satan is the master trickster and he would love for you to be so broke down that you harm yourself or others. It is not in the will of GOD that you do yourself in. Jesus already died to make things better. If you kill yourself then Satan will win.
A messiah may be defined as an exceptional or hoped for liberator. In this case a messiah came in the form of an angel. Elijah, at the end of his rope, fell asleep under the Juniper tree after asking GOD to take his life.
But a short time later GOD dispatched an angel to wake him up. When the prophet arose he saw a meal cooking on a fire and a jug of water to wash it down with. The angel told him to rise and eat. Elijah ate and went back to sleep but at an appointed time the angel woke him up again so that he could eat.
I don’t know what all was going through the prophet’s head but when he got some rest and refreshment it seemed to make a big difference in his condition. I just believe that if many of us would just get some rest and take some time to think about our situations; we’ll realize that things are not as bad as they seem.
A mad dash is not necessary if you know the Lord. We have talked about a messiah. But let me tell you about the Messiah. His name is Jesus. He’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He is a wonderful counselor and he can take away your trouble.

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