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Baker: It is terribly sad news, but it is a sign

December 15, 2012

This tragic mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is a clear indication to me of just how much evil there is in the world and how the devil does not care one single, solitary bit about whom he attacks. It is also an indicator that we as human beings must get our lives together righteously, serve God with love and joy and try with all our strength to elude what is evil, being cautious to avoid the devil’s tricks. To me it is also a sign from God that He can take you at any moment, and it behooves us to be ready.
It was maddening for many people, who found out the news Friday morning, to know that around 20 innocent little children had been shot and killed and nothing could be done to avenge their deaths. It was nothing we could do to bring them back. We were all mad at Adam. We all wanted to hate him. But, my goodness, what was Adam going through? What in the world was inside Adam? That was a sheer example of being possessed by the devil because obviously the real Adam didn’t know what he was doing.
We ask ourselves, ‘What do these things mean?’ It means get right. It means overcome your fears of what your friends may think if you live your life wholeheartedly for God. Yes security measures must be put in place to protect our youth, to protect our old and to protect us, but the devil is keen, he is so entirely smart and if he has the opportunity to destroy and attack oh, yes, my friend, he will.
Yes, we must mourn for these sweet children, and we must mourn for their families whose hearts are still torn and may never fully regain their sense of self. It’s something so big that there’s nothing one individual can do alone to change things.
People continue to ignore these signs or may not even bother trying to know what they truly mean. I just encourage everyone out there to listen to that little voice inside their heads that tells them what is right and what is wrong. That voice is there for a reason. God wants you to go to Heaven with Him, and he does not want you to be lost. Don’t allow the devil to have you. We must pray constantly for God’s protection and live a saved life. This flesh we have that is warm and workable, these limbs we have to swing freely back and forth, the eyes we have to move and look around – all that will be gone soon, and it is our souls that will live forever. We must look out for our souls.

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