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Adopt a family 2013

December 3, 2013

n Single woman age 56 needs jogging suits and winter coat.
n Mother with two young children, , girl age 2 and boy age 7, would like household items and toys for children, .
n Single mother who wants only for children, , twin boy and girl ages 14, who need clothes and underwear and school clothes.
n Male age 49 with health problems who needs household items and food.
n Single Male age 40 with health problems would like household items and food.
n Single mother with 3 – year - old girl and 2 – month - old Male agewho needs clothes and toys.
n Female age 51 needs basic household items and cleaning supplies.
n Female age 59 with health problems who needs food and blankets.
n Female age 51 with health problems who needs kitchen supplies such as pots and pans.
n Female age 79 who would like white socks and sheets for a regular bed.
n Single mother with 10 – year - old girl and 6 – year - old boy needs school uniforms and shoes as well as household items.
n Female age 58 with health problems who would like food, fruit and size 9 house shoes.
n Single mother with three girls ages 14, 11 and 3 weeks, they all need clothes, shoes and something for Christmas.
n Female age 90 needs house shoes, fruit and Ensure Plus.
n Male age 65 who needs shoes, clothes and glasses.
n Female age 63 with lots of health problems who would like an electric blanket, she has to wear bedroom shoes all time and she needs men size 11.
n Single mother with 11 - year - old girl and 9 - year - old boy who needs shoes and uniforms for school.
n Single mother with a 3 - year - old boy and 7- year - old girl, mother drawing unemployment and needs help with Christmas for children, .
n Mother with health problems who has 12 - year - old boy and 7 - year - old girl both need clothes, shoes and underwear.
n Single mother with 13 - year - old girl and 5 - year - old boy, she would like Harry Potter books and he would like Ninja Turtles and clothes.
n Mother with a 17 - year - old son who needs underwear, socks and food.
n Single mother with health problems has three children, , girls 8 and 4 and boy 2, she would like help with children, ’s Christmas.
n Mother and father who wants help with their children, two girl’s ages 17 and 13 and boy 16 all need clothes.
n Female age 61 with health problems need help with food and clothing.
n Female age 47 who just had neck surgery needs pots and pans, sheets as well as house shoes.
n Single father with three children, boy age 3 and girls 5 and 6; father not working due to surgery in November.
n Mother diagnosed with Lymphoma currently in treatment, boy 16 and girl 17 would like help with personal items.
n Single mother with three children, boys ages 11 and 10 and girl age 8, all three need school uniforms and age appropriate things for Christmas.
n Single mother with disabled son age 12 he loves trains and needs clothes.
n Single mother who works part-time has three children, who need clothes, shoes and toys, they are girls age 5 and 6 and boy 3.
n Grandmother raising grandson age 12, who needs church and school clothes.
n Female age 95 would like jogging suit and gowns.
n Female age 84 needs underwear and fruit.
n Single mother with two girls ages 9 and 1 they need clothes and shoes.
n Mother had 3 major surgeries but now looking for work, she has three children, girls ages 8 and 1 and boy age 4; they all need clothes and winter coats.
n Female age48 who needs bedding and cookware.
n Single mother with 7 children, girls ages 10, 4 and 5 months and boys ages 8, 9, 4 and 3 who needs help with Christmas and clothes for children, .
n Grandmother with cancer whose daughter lost her job and had to move in with 3 children, a boy age 4 and girls 2 and 5 months.
n Male age 64 with health problems would like clothes and cleaning items.
n Female age 71 with health problems need bed linens.
n Female age 83 wants jogging suit and a hat.
n Single Mother with two children, still in school who needs clothes, school uniforms, socks and underwear.
n Dad with four children, girls ages 13 and 8 and boys ages 12 and 6 all the children, need school uniforms, he would like help with Christmas.
n Female age 38 with health problems, with female age 22 needs house shoes and a boy 13; family need pots and pans and also would like some bath towels.
n Female age 81 needs linens for full size bed.
n Female age 75 who needs pajamas and household supplies.
n Female age 77 would like blankets for a queen bed.
n Female age 66 with health problems who need bedding for queen size bed.
n Female with health issues wants bath towels, pots and pans as well as kitchen towels.
n 90 - year - old Female needs diabetic socks, blankets, house shoes and gowns.
Single mother with a 4 - year - old boy and 2 - year - old girl would like help with Christmas for children.
n Single mother with three children, needs clothes as well as school uniforms girl age 12 and boys 7 and 5.
n Male age 33 health issues needs food and clothes.
n Mother with two girls ages 7 and 13 need clothing; she just wants for the children to be taken care of.
n Female whose husband and daughter died this year, has son age 12 and grandchildren, ages 8 - year - old boy and 6 - year - old girl, children need uniforms and clothes as well as something for Christmas.
n Mother who lost her job due to child being sick in hospital needs help with Christmas; children, girl age 9 and boys 1 and 11 months.
n Mother with 5 small children, limited income, 6 - year - old girl, 1 - year - old girl and triplets 9 months two boys and a girl.
n Single Female with 6 month old girl and parents ages 57, mother has stage 4 cancer.
n Female age 65 with mental health issue needs can goods, clothes and cleaning supplies.
n Female age 57 with health issues needs can goods and clothes.
n Female age 62 with mental health needs underwear and clothes.
n Female age 53 who has health problems would like fruit and cleaning supplies.
n Female age 53 with congestive heart failure who needs household items and cleaning supplies.
Female age 42 with health issues need cleaning supplies and a mop.
n 60 - year - old female needs canned goods.
n 31 - year - old female with mental health needs comforter for a full bed, a watch and CD player.
n 37 - year - old living in group home would like a comforter and sheets for full bed.
n 48 - year - old female with health issues would like sheets for full bed.
n 54 - year - old female living in group home would like, towels and bedding for full bed.
n 36 - year - old female living in group home would like popcorn, CD player and clothes.
n Male age 51 living in group home would like a coffee pot, dish towels and personal hygiene items.
n Couple, both 60 years old, living in group home would like household items, socks and underclothes.
n 49 - year - old male would like sweat pants, fruit basket.
n Aunt taking care of 5 nephews whose house burned, they need clothes.
n Single mother working part-time needs help only for her daughter who is 9 years old.
n 68 - year - old female who just had surgery, needs help with a winter coat, household items and food.
n Male age 49 with mental health problems who needs clothes.

To adopt a family, contact Rachel Pate. She be at the main office of Renasant Bank 9 a.m-2 p.m. Dec. 4-8, or call 295-7792. Letters will be sent Monday to those who qualified and to those who were turned down. Please do not call to find out, its important to keep the line open for those wishing to adopt.

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