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Elon Musk: I did not slam worker for attending child's birth

Business News - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:23am
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Report: Airport security equipment improperly managed

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:20am
Maintenance of explosive detecting scanners and x-ray machines at the U.S. airport security checkpoints are not being managed properly, according to a new government report. And the Department of Homeland Security can't even definitively say they are all working properly.
Categories: National News

Black man found hanging from tree

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:20am
Authorities in rural Georgia are investigating the death of a black man found hanging in a tree Monday.
Categories: National News

Infamous serial killers and cases, solved and unsolved

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:19am
Here's a selected list of people convicted of being serial killers and a short list of famous, unsolved serial killings.
Categories: National News

Tom Brady suspended, team fined over 'Deflategate'

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:14am
The NFL has suspended New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady for four games without pay in relation to the "Deflategate" incident in which the team was found to have used deflated footballs for an advantage in the playoffs. The team has been fined $1 million and will forfeit its first-round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft and fourth-round pick in the 2017 draft.
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Marilyn Mosby under fire again after appearance

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:14am
The applause she received for charging the six Baltimore police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray seemed short-lived. Since then, Marilyn Mosby has been a lightning rod.
Categories: National News

What a shot! 42 amazing sports photos

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:14am
Take a look at 42 amazing sports pictures from May 5 through May 11.
Categories: National News

Pope blasts arms trade as "industry of death"

Business News - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:07am
Pope Francis has been speaking his mind again, this time taking aim at the power of the arms industry.

Will 'Dead Man Walking' nun save Tsarnaev?

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:06am
Categories: National News

Youths spend one full day a week online

Business News - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:03am
If you've ever come between a youth and their smartphone, you'll know this already: They love the Internet. So much that they now spend more than one day a week online.

Police killed in line of duty: A gruesome tally

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:02am
Two officers slain during a traffic stop in Mississippi this weekend add to a gruesome tally. In shootings thousands of miles apart, under different circumstances, at least 10 law enforcement officers have been killed so far this year nationwide.
Categories: National News

Serial killer investigation dates back to 2003

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 8:01am
CNN affiliate WFSB reports that more remains have been discovered during an ongoing serial killer investigation in Connecticut dating back to 2003.
Categories: National News

Police: George Zimmerman involved in Florida shooting

CNN - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 7:55am
George Zimmerman -- acquitted by a Florida jury over the death of Trayvon Martin -- was involved in a shooting in Lake Mary, Florida, on Monday, police spokeswoman Bianca Gillett said.
Categories: National News

Latest quake explained

CNN World - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 7:44am
Categories: International News

Shell gets approval to drill in the Arctic

Business News - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 7:28am
Shell has finally won approval to drill for oil in the Arctic, overcoming years of setbacks and fierce opposition from environmental campaigners.

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Business News - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 7:24am
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Livestreaming events isn't cool. It's theft

Business News - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 6:08am
Joshua Zecher is a principal at 463 Communications, a corporate communications consulting firm, which works with the Digital Citizens Alliance on piracy issues.

How Americans miss out on $24 billion a year

Business News - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 6:01am
If someone handed you $1,300, would you turn it down?

How to donate to Nepal anonymously (and avoid spam)

Business News - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 5:09am
It's always been honorable to donate anonymously.

Picasso painting sells for a record $179 million

Business News - Mon, 05/11/2015 - 11:04pm
Pablo Picasso would be a happy man if he were alive today.
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